For the beginner students/ How to get started

I feel that listening is the most important aspect of learning a language. Developing the ear is very important and takes a while so I believe that you should begin this process from day one of your language acquisition. I suggest the following to get started.
I.) Find an audio program with the text. I have used the “Ultimate” programs but you can choose any of them as long as they are conversations. I wouldn’t select the audios with just random sentences or words. You want to start listening and reading conversations that you would encounter in your everday life, such as greeting, buy groceries and setting up an account at the bank. You can find these in the library or used book stores.
II.) You may not understand the audio at first, but this is okay. Read and then listen. I took advantage of my time in the car to listen, (traffic won’t bother you so much this way).
III.) Repeat the process of reading and then later listening until you can listen without the text and understand at least 80%.
Buena Suerte, Miguel

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Create your own video slideshow at

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Want to learn a second language? I can help you.

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Share with me your trials and tribulations of your quest of a foreign language, whether it was bad or good, Spanish, French, German or any other language.

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My purpose statement

My goal is to make foreign language acquisition as easy as possible for you, through the advice on my blog and answering your questions. I would like to be your foreign language coach.

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El refrán- translate this Spanish saying to english or come up with a similar one in your native language. Leave your response under the comment feature.

Mono de seda, mono se queda.

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My resume

I am Michael Korrie and I have 16 years of teaching experience in High School, University, and the private sector. I speak four languages including Spanish, English, Italian and German. I am fluent in English and Spanish. I am also working on a book named, The Road to Fluency, which will help anyone acquire proficiency or fluency in Spanish on their own.

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